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Hunting Club



*Once a member you will have access to all club properties. The days you reserve will be yours exclusively on those properties

*Upon joining you receive a master binder with all of the properties mapped and directions how to get there, a parking pass and membership card 

*Plots of land are all separate and vary in sizes from 75 acres to Several hundred acres 

*Youth 17 and under hunt for free when accompanied by a licensed club member 

*Our sites are well managed and have good concentrations of game.  Most properties are in agricultural areas with great food sources for the wildlife

*Properties are high quality land for hunting, lots of game and well managed

*Read below for more in depth description, locations and FAQ's  




What We Offer

The Hunting Club we provide here at Woods & Water is an ideal service for people looking for an affordable and safe way to hunt on their own as often as you like following regulated seasons.  Our Club properties are posted and only used by members, reserved for you and your party ONLY.  We highly encourage young hunters to participate in the sport and get out there with friends and family.   This is why we offer Free Memberships to youth 17 years of age and under, as long as they are accompanied by and adult mentor who is a member. 


This is a do it your self hunting opportunity.  You Pay an annual fee to hunt year round during any open season in Ontario on roughly 20 sites covering approx. 2700 acres.  You can hunt all wild game from upland, waterfowl, deer, bear, moose, wild turkey, elk, coyote, fox, rabbit, etc.... You may reserve a site in advance for up coming seasons. Your welcome to set up tree stands, feeders and cameras.  Properties are booked through our office so that we may control who's hunting on what sites on which dates, keeping everyone happy and undisturbed. Once a site is reserved you or your group will have soul access to that area for the days reserved. If you so wish you will also receive tips and recommendations about the game you are hunting for that specific site by our expert staff with over 40 years combined hunting and guiding experience.


When you join you get a master binder that comes with operational procedures, rules and regulations, property information sheets, maps to the sites from google earth making out the layout of the land.  You also receive a parking pass and membership card.  Most sites we offer are Sunday Hunting zones. 

Our sites are well managed and have good concentrations of game.  Most properties are in agricultural areas with great food sources for the wildlife.  

A membership to our club is for 1 full calendar year, from the day you join to that day of the following year. 




1. Q. "Does it ever occur that all sites are booked with no place to reserve to hunt"?

    A.  In 25 years it has never happened. On average each year we have 30-35 members and growing.   As we get more members we acquire more hunting properties.  As managers it is our job to take care of our members needs.  

2.  Q. "Can I bring a hunting guest with me on the hunts"?

      A. Yes, we have a guest pass system for your hunting friends.  Its a $60 tax included a day fee.  They can come as a guest up to 3 times each, and then they are required to join as a member.  If they join within 60 days of coming with you as a guest, their guest fees will be deducted from the membership cost upon joining.  (friends and family that come as non hunting guest can come at no charge)

3.  Q. "Can I camp or use ATV's on these properties"?

      A.  On most properties campers and tents can be set up during your stay.  Consult with us and we can talk to the land owners for preferred set up locations.  We have several properties that are ATV friendly.   


Below is a list of the sites we have included in the club.  A little brief explanation about the site and where the site is located. 



Site #1          Wooler, ON/Brighton Twp WMU 71. 150 acres Turkey, Grouse, Crow, Rabbit and High population of Coyote. Long crop fields, bordered at top  with hardwood ridge. 




Site #2          Kirkland Lake, ON./Melba Twp WMU 28.  850 acres.  Moose, timber wolf, bear, grouse, waterfowl (Early Sept), Walleye, trout on creek and small river. About 7 hours from Toronto. Sunday gun hunting permitted. Rifles of any caliber permitted.  



Site #3           Marmora, ON / Marmora and Lake Twp Wmu 68A.  40 Acres. This property is a long parcel of land with a low lying cedar swamp and mixed woods.  It has a hay field in amongst the middle of the property.  Turkey, Grouse, Deer, Bear, Fox and Coyote.  




Site #4         Roseneath, ON/Haldimand Twp. 100 acres WMU 72A Sunday gun  Hunting. Turkey, Deer, Coyote, Rabbit. Long property, grass fields, few patches of small bush, back property line is bordered by a ridge where game travel. Sunday gun hunting permitted.





Site #5  Cobourg, Hamilton Twp .Wmu 72A , 100 acres. Sunday Gun Hunting.  Deer, Bear, Duck, Fox, Coyote, small game.  This property is a nice farm with a pasture that is bordered by a mixed forest and has a small creek on the front portion.  There is a path present for ATV use only.  




Site #6    Marmora, ON / Marmora and Lake Twp WMU 68A,  60 Acres.  This property has a large hay field with a mixed bush on a good portion of it,  It also has some good cover with a marshy area and tall grasses.   This property has a bus / Camper for member use.  A great place to take shelter and warm up with the wood stove.  You could even sit inside and hunt out of it.  Turkey, Bear, Grouse, Duck, Coyote, Rabbit.  



Site #7          Hastings, ON/Asphodel Twp. 140 acres WMU 73 Sunday gun hunting Permitted.  Turkey, Deer, Bear, Grouse, Rabbit, Crow, High population Coyote, Fall Turkey Hunt property. Property with crop fields on large ridge running down to cedar swamp, with game travel corridors.  Dozens of apple trees are scattered through out this site.




Site #8+10           Cloyne, ON/North Frontenac Twp.  WMU 62  146 acres.  Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted.  This is a rifle property of any caliber for deer, bear, moose, grouse and ducks.  This property is mixed forest and heavy brush and has access to Hill Lake.  This property is divided into 2 sections as its a larger property.    




Site #9          Turdor/Cashel Hastings ON Twp. WMU 61 Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted.  100 acres of deep wilderness with large marshy areas across it.  Moose, Deer, Duck,Grouse, Timber Wolf, Bear, Coyote, Elk.(This unit is eligible for the elk draw due June 20th every year)  This property is a rifle hunting property with no caliber restrictions.  

Site #11 Campbellford, Seymour twp. WMU 74B, Sunday Gun Hunting Allowed. 65 acres. Hunting opportunities on this land include Turkey, Fox and Coyote.  This property is a fairly dense woodlot with a couple open grassy areas, property is bordered by some agriculture fields and a sod farm.  



Site #12       Campbellford, ON/Seymour Twp.  WMU 71 This is a smaller property. Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted.  Its 11.5 acres.  Despite its size, its a great spot for turkeys and deer.  As well as your small game like rabbits and grouse etc.




Site #13       Springbrook, ON / Stirling Rawden Twp. WMU 68A. 70 Acres.  Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted. This is a nice broken up property.  It consists of mixed crop fields and bush lots throughout the property.  It has a nice creek passing through one end for ducks.  Hunting opportunities here are Turkey(spring and fall), Coyote, Fox, Rabbit and Bear. No Caliber restrictions. 





Site #14       Springbrook, ON / Stirling Rawden Twp. WMU 68B. 50 Acres.  Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted. This is a property with grass fields, a forest and a small creek on the one side.   Turkey (spring and fall), Coyote, Fox, Rabbit and Bear. Caliber restriction .270 under.  



Site #15         Tweed, ON/Tweed Twp. WMU 61. This property is 175 acres. Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted.  Property holds Deer, Turkey, Elk, Waterfowl, Rabbit, Grouse, Coyote and Bears.  This property has several hay fields with heavy woods for over half of the back portion.  There is also a creek through the property with some flooded timber and marshy areas.  This property is a rifle zone with no caliber restriction.





Site # 16        Indian River, Norwood ON / Douro Dummer Twp. WMU 73. 98 Acres.  Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted. This property is a mixture of field and bush.  It is separated by a marshy area.  This property has access for spring turkey hunting only at this time.       





Site #17  Stirling, ON / Rawdon Twp WMU 68A. 30 Acres.  This property layout is a nice alfalfa fields surrounding a small bush.  The one side has a lower field tucked away for a secluded spot to hunt.  Turkey, Deer, Rabbit, Coyote, Fox 






Site #18.  Eldorado, ON / Hastings Twp WMU 61. 40 Acres.  No caliber restrictions. This property is a mixed forest with a small creek fed by a spring running through it.  There is a small flooded timber pond for duck hunting opportunities.  Deer, Bear, Grouse, Rabbit, Ducks.   





Site #19      Hastings, ON / Seymour Twp. WMU 72A. 100 Acres.  Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted.  This property has a small bush lot in the far bottom corner.  The woodlot is connected to a neighboring forest which is a fair size.  Along the neighboring forest is has a marshy area that leads down to a small lake.  This creates an ideal bedding area for Deer and small game.  The majority of this property is planted with various crops depending on the crop rotation that season.  It provides an ideal food source for all types of wild life.  This property holds Deer, Turkey, Grouse, Rabbits, Goose, Fox, Coyotes and Doves.  This property has a caliber restriction of .270 and under.  For the Deer season you can use Shotgun / Muzzleloader or Archery equipment.  


Site #20  Hastings, ON, Asphodel / Norwood TWP WMU 73, 200 acres.  Sunday Gun Hunting Allowed.  Hunting opportunities include Deer, Grouse, Turkey (spring and fall), Dove, Goose. No coyote hunting on this property.  This is a beautiful large farm property. Its mainly farm fields with a couple wood lots on it.  This property is a good consistent feeding area for migrating geese in September and October.  




Site #21     Arden, ON / Central Frontenac Twp. WMU 62. 260 Acres.  Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted.  This property is a beautiful large chunk of land that consists of mixed forest and has 2.5 private lakes on it.  There is a cottage on the property for people to rent out if desired for their hunting trips.  The first lake is 100 yards behind the cottage and has a nice marshy area on it.  There are several good trail systems throughout this property.  This property is perfect habitat for Deer, Bear, Moose, Grouse, Ducks, Coyotes, Wolf and Rabbit.  No Caliber restrictions here.  Sunday gun hunting is permitted on this property.  





Site #27     Hastings, ON / Asphodel TWP. WMU 73. 100 Acres. Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted.  Spring turkey, Fox, Rabbit.  This property is large farm crop fields bordered by a marshy area. It has some hardwoods in the top section for roosting turkeys.   



Site #29   Belleville, ON/ Thurlow  TWP. 68B. 25 acres, Sunday Gun Hunting Permitted.  Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Small Game, Coyote, Fox.  This property is a small parcel of agriculture land bordered by a fence row and a small wood lot.   









Annual Membership costs $1195 plus hst

If a member you can bring a friend for $80.00 per day, max 3 times per person or we ask they join. 

Youth 17 and under FREE

*Payment plan can be arranged upon request*

For More Information Or To Join The Club You Can Message Below Or Call 705-559-9135

Thanks! Message sent.

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